DNA Test

July 13th

Today came the day I have waited 28 years for. Today came the day I honestly never thought I would get to have. Today I was able to find answers along with more questions. Today I found out my ethnicity. 

I know for those who already know what they are, that it may not sound like such an incredible discovery. Those of you who are adopted or know someone who is must be able to imagine exactly how I felt when I woke up to the email stating my DNA results from Ancestry.com were in.

I could barely contain myself. My husband lay in bed, still asleep. It was 4:30 in the morning. I paced around my house for the next 30 minutes, wondering if I dare click to open the email yet. I can't really explain why, but I was scared to! My biggest fear is that it would be inconclusive. My mind raced with all the possibilities I could be facing.

My family has always suspected I have some Spanish in me. Two of my birth sisters are brown with clear ties to a Spanish ethnicity. Me on the other hand, well, I look Caucasian. I have brown, curly and thick hair. My eyes are a light green/blue. My facial features are very petite. As a little girl I used to make up stories in my mind on all the things I could be. Here it is 5:00 am. I have results in my hand yet not the "cahones" to open it. So I hopped in the shower while still trying to muster up the courage.

It's not until about 6:15 I finally wake my husband up to share the moment with me. Here's some honesty for you, his reaction was less than I had hoped for. It may have been because he was tired. I'm trying to tell myself that is the reason. I just can't help feeling that it's simply because he can't quite seem to grasp it. I mean honestly your heritage can play such a huge role in your life if you allow it to. He's known his whole life what he is! Here's some more honesty for you, I have always envied my sisters who are African-American. It's clear they have some African in them. They don't wonder on St. Patrick's day if they should be celebrating it or not, because that might just be their heritage. No! They have a clear path on their road to self discovery.

Back to the results, it ends up I have 29% Ireland, 22% Great Britain, 19% Scandinavia, 13% Italy/Greece, 10% Turkey/Syria/Iran, 5% Iberian Peninsula/Spain/Portugal, and 3% European Jewish in me. That was just the beginning of the news! It matched me to a 1st cousin, a bunch of 2nd cousins, and most excitingly a close match to an immediate family member also here in Portland. I couldn't believe it. I cried. Several times. All of these doors were opening up around me and I've lived my whole life thinking they were sealed shut with cement! Family with my DNA match started reaching out to me right away. They even shared what they had done on their family trees. The whole experience was such an incredibly BEAUTIFUL gift. 

For those of you who are considering doing a DNA test, I urge you to use Ancestry.com. The test was $99 with shipping. My results came in 9 weeks, although it normally takes 6-8 weeks. And their customer service was awesome. They have so many cool features. Like I said, it matches you to others with your same DNA, and it allows you to build a family tree. I couldn't be more tickled pink with this whole journey...I will update you guys as my story continues to unfold.