Sheena Stewart's Adoption Story

Hello, my name is Jae Sheena Mary Stewart. I am adopted. I was adopted at age 7. My life started off not so easy. My birth mother had some mental health issues and because of this I was born very small and had health issues. I was in the hospital for few months. Then was taken home by a nurse so she could help me. After I was better, a family took me in. I was bounced back and fourth to many foster homes till I found my forever home.


My adopted mother, Jan, knew I was special I just needed extra love and care. She was told by many personal health people that I wouldn’t be able to live a normal healthy life as I got older, due to my many disabilities and labels from the abuse I went through. My mom never listened to them.

I had many people who helped me teach me life skills and copying skills. I am now a 32 year old women who is loved by an amazing family. I have a wonderful partner and few great friends. I have my BA in early education and work as a preschool teacher assistant. I was told by many due to the things I went through I wouldn’t be able to handle many things. I have proved them all wrong and still do!! Being adopted has its moments with my other family it’s hard at times. I get triggered at times from my past stuff, but I work around my issues and being in therapy helps. I believe we all get the lives we have for a reason. I would not change anything because if it did I wouldn’t have found my Mom, Jan and my forever home.