Wendy Pietromonico's Adoption Story

When I was a baby, I was adopted to a loving family from Staten Island, New York. They had a biological daughter. When I got to be 5 years old my adopted mom sat me down and told me I was adopted. She told me that I went through Sisters of Charity in Prince Edward, Island.
My adopted mom told me that the nun who handled my adoption was Sister Mary Henry.
As the years went on, I forgot about being adopted.


One day my adopted parents asked me if I wanted to talk to Sister Mary Henry and I told them yes. When I spoke to Sister Mary Henry, she asked if I loved the family I was with. Again, the answer was yes. We talked several times more and then Sister Mary Henry told me that I had an older brother whose name was Kevin Michael, but she couldn't give me his last name. I told her that I was fine with that.

When I got pregnant with my daughter I wanted to find my biological mom, but as luck would have I tried everywhere and couldn't find her. In 1996 I got pregnant with my second child, my son John, and I started to look for my biological mom again. This time I was able to find her. I found her in May, four days before Mother's Day and I was beyond cloud nine. I then called her and we talked for hours on end. I would never ever trade the day that I found her.

In 2001 my ex flew her into New York. She only stayed for a month and then flew back home. While she was staying with me we talked for hours and she told me that I had an older brother. I told her that I knew and that Sister Mary Henry told me that I had a older brother. On June 28th, 2003 I got a phone call from my uncle Billy saying that my biological mom had died. I felt so alone and didn't know which way to turn. That's when I started thinking that I should find my brother Kevin. I tried and in April of 2015 I found my brother and my nephew, Thomas. My nephew was the first person that I spoke to and he told me that I was an aunt to his two girls. I was so thrilled to be an aunt. I wrote to my brother and told him that I was his biological sister. We finally talked on the phone on Mother's Day. I was and still am thrilled to have been given the chance to know my mom, brother, nephew and nieces. I had a hole in my heart and know it has been filled with joy.