Kyle Burt Feature


I was born in Seattle on the last day of January 1985 and was put to foster care after I was born because my mother was intoxicated while giving birth to me. I was sent to a wonderful family in Bothell, Washington for foster care. During my stay I had one problem with my face and that was my eyelids. My eyelids were not strong enough for me to open them so they got me surgery. It put something in them to hold them up so my muscles would get strong enough. When I was 3 and half I was introduced to live with the Burts in 1988. And finally on February 15, 1990 I was adopted to the Burt family. I had learning problems so through out my school years I was always in half of special needs classes and other regular classes other than math, because I don't do well in that subject. During my time with Burt's from 1990 to 2000 I always loved to sing, dance to my favorite tunes like Queen, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Skillet, Dc Talk and many others. My other past time would be drawing, making poems, drumming (Didn't have a drum set so I would look for things I could bang on lol) and exploring our great wooded back yard. I had many siblings growing up, much of them adopted just like I was. I had 6 sisters at one point and one brother.

We all had our strifes but mine didn't pull its head out until I was 15 when I was out of control and obviously couldn't be taken care of by my parents. I was being violent and lots of others things that I can't imagine of me doing today. So in the summer of 2000 they had a talk with me about moving me to a group home. I was pretty angry at them so when I was at the children's group home and they wanted to call I would hang up. But soon after I came to realize that they wanted to talk to me so I talked to them again.

In summer of 2004 I was moved again into a adult group home in Snohomish County and that group home was difficult because you had to have good behavior to move out. I had a good record for 2 years until I screwed up and had to move backwards in my program. It would take another 8 years before I graduated and moved out. During my times in the adult group home one of my past times was Special Olympics and I did it for 5 years and the most fun sport I did was track and field. I loved running so I did the 1500, running long jump, 200, 100 and 800 and 400 and the relay. During this time in this group home I had a lot of jobs from working in Manufacturing company, working as a contractor for the US Navy (Certain Job made for individuals with disabilities), working as a bell ringer for the holidays for the Salvation Army. But my biggest and best job was working at Albertson's grocery store as a courtesy clerk. I'm a very social person so this is a great job for me because I was always talking to the customers and I had a very good customer service skills.

And now I live in Bellingham in my own apartment (with roommate) and work part time as a meat clerk at a grocery store. Now that I'm out my group home I don't have to rely on staff all the time. I travel mostly around town on my bike, I do lip sync contest once in awhile, I see concerts and hang with my friends. I still sing and dance and sometimes drum. One of my new hobbies is recording music and making music videos and putting them online. I still have my difficulties from socializing appropriately like being too loud when I think its normal volume and math. I'm very happy for where I am now from where I once was.

FASD has brought me so many people in my life through groups, Film Festivals and social gatherings. This journey isn't done yet, it has just begun.

Editor's Note: I met Kyle through his live FB Question and Answer videos. He is an absolute inspiring advocate and has brought the yearn from other individuals with FASD to get out there and advocate as well. Keep up the amazing work, Kyle! Your voice is strong and heard!