Gina Schumaker Feature Part 2

My name is Gina Schumaker and I am way more than my FASD.

I was diagnosed at 50 years old. I am a mother to a 29-year-old beautiful, talented, independent daughter and a 13-year-old sweet, funny, sensitive, thoughtful and active boy! My grand boys are 7 & 10. I love the time I get to spend with them.


I have done nails for 25 years and and am phasing out as I grow my Home Staging business . Yes, I struggle. Money and time are not my friends. Managing them is a chore. Getting diagnosed was incredibly beneficial for me . I have given myself more credit and am much more gentle and accepting of myself. My motto is “I may not be smart ... but I’m definitely not stupid.”

I like to give hope to others . Find what you are passionate about and use your gifts! My goal is to raise awareness and help others get services and tools to be successful at being the best them they can be!