Matshepo Seseane Feature

My story

Okay here is my story! :)

From birth I was born with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Syndrome. I have been to a school for children who are severely handicapped and have severe mental retardation. I was there from the age of five till 12 years of age. I never made the fit into my family as a normal human being. My mother had to give me up to my uncle (dad). 

When it came to mainstream schools I was not going to make it, so I was placed in a special needs school and my story makes me cry because I was discarded into nothing. God's grace is so sufficient for me. I've defied so many odds and still do at my age.


Everyone labelled me as nothing but a crazy person who will never amount to nothing because I can't do or live like a normal person...I am going to write a book one day about my syndrome and how I've tried not allowing it to define me. I haven't gone through the worst Hell yet compared to the next person but I've conquered so much and I'll never stop conquering with a smile at a time too!

Kind Regards,

Matshepo Seseane